Platsera is a boutique digital transformation company headquartered in Chicago, and with offices in United States, India and Qatar. We create digital products and services that seamlessly solve real-life problems.

Platsera prides itself in its team of experienced creative technologists. The team collaborates very closely with our clients to solve their problems and build world-class solutions.



Whether you are a large enterprise, or a startup, we have industry leaders who can work with you to develop your company’s strategy and roadmap.


Whether you are getting started, funded, or at the scale level, we can collaborate with you to provide short-term and long term growth strategy.

New Markets

Need help with growth? We can work with you to strategize expanding in new markets. Whether its new geographical regions, or industry.


How do you scale your business? Whether to play with volume, or by margin?Let us collaborate with you to identify a strategy that gets you a maximum scale.


We take pride in our team of technologist, architects, engineers, designers and developers. We hand pick our team. Talented and educated at some of the best Universities in the world, coupled with years of experience at many top companies including Oracle, GE, Abbott, Optum, and many more.

Software Development

Platsera has a team of world-class architects and engineers based in the United States and India.¬†Our talented team has experience in companies like GE, Abbott, Oracle, and many more. We take pride in developing first-in-class solutions, whether it’s cloud and edge computing, apps, or any software.

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are no longer the next big thing. Compute, storage and network have never been so advanced, enabling AI and Machine Learning to solve many complex problems. Our expert Software gurus and Data scientists can work with varied data sources, small or big, to unlock solutions to problems. Let’s discuss how we can help you implement Cognitive, Prescriptive, Predictive analytics, or automation via AI.

IT and Back-Office

Let us take care of all your IT needs, enabling you to focus on your business, customers and growth.


Websites paints a picture of your business. Let us create beautiful intuitive websites for you.


More than 50% of business interactions are happening in Apps. And this trend is only growing. Our world class UI/UX designers and engineers can create Apps for any platform. Please contact us to get a portfolio of our solutions and to get more details on how we can help.


This is the age of digital marketing. Whether its electronic or social media, our strategical approach to marketing can translate into many customers and revenue. Reach out to us to understand how we can partner and help you.

Social Media

Increase your brand visibility across all social media platforms with tailor-made content and strategic campaigns that reach out directly to your audience.


Starting by defining the target audience and creating profile from research and focus groups, we work with you to fully understand your objectives and implement strategies accordingly. With an ever saturating market and wide options for visibility than ever before, it is vital that your organization builds reputation for being trusted and reliable.

By identifying the unique offerings of each client, we design efficient and effective campaigns, ensuring that all objectives are targeted in a timely manner by utilizing all but the most relevant channels.


Good processes enable business with efficiency, cost savings and increased product quality. We can partner with you to help define how you should function.

The LEAN Startups

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise that’s trying to be nimble, we can partner with you to implement LEAN methodologies. Learn how to create MVPs, fail-fast, be agile to pivot to customer or market needs. Reach out to us to start your process transformation journey.


Learn how to implement Agile in your organization. Whether its transforming the leadership with Scaled Agile, or transforming your waterfall development teams to fast based SCRUM or KANBAN teams. We can be your coach to Agile implementation.

Regulatory Compliance

Trying to get ISO certification, or comply with regulations?Lets us help you build an efficient Quality Management System (QMS) that comply’s with many ISO standards, and regulatory compliance in the industry of healthcare, finance and manufacturing.


Our Team Has World Class Experience. Whether working at one of the following companies, or partnering with to develop solutions.

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